Responsible Spending

My priority is to make sure that every tax dollar is spent in a responsible manner.  We need to make sure we’re funding the right priorities, like streets and parks, and not spending on frivolous or unnecessary things like fancy new flat screen TVs for the council chambers.  We can’t keep putting things on our credit card (through bonding) without any plan on how we will pay for them, and we can’t continue to spend down our cash reserves without a plan to replenish the funds.  I understand that tax money belongs to the citizens, and I will always be a responsible steward of your money.

Supporting Local Business

As a small business owner, I understand how frustrating dealing with the government can be. As a Planning Commissioner, I have been a leading voice for making Crystal more business friendly by eliminating unnecessary red tape at city hall.  As a board member of the Crystal Business Association, I am in touch with the needs of our local businesses. If elected, I will be a strong advocate for businesses on the city council.  We know that Crystal is a great place to do business, but we need to do a better job marketing Crystal to the business community and recruiting new businesses to our city.

Safe and Strong Neighborhoods

Safe and strong neighborhoods are the backbone of a safe and strong city. I am supportive of the many public/private partnerships that are working to make Crystal stronger, like the Crystal Fund, and the Light of Crystal. My wife and I have been the hosts of the annual Minnesota Night to Unite block party since we moved into our neighborhood, which is a partnership between our Police Department and local neighborhood leaders.  I understand that making investments in our police and parks helps to retain property values, and keeps our neighborhoods safe and strong.

Accountable Government

I view the role of a councilmember to be an advocate for the citizens they represent.  The council should reflect the values and priorities of the citizens. As I have been out talking to my neighbors during this campaign they have shared many frustrations about interactions they have had with some members of the city staff, or their current elected officials. I have heard far too many stories about people contacting their elected officials or city staff and either not receiving a response at all, or receiving a response that attempts to minimize their concerns.  I will approach this job differently.  I understand the service aspect of public service, and commit to always be a responsive and responsible advocate for you.


Prepared and paid for by the Kolb for Crystal Committee, PO Box 28373, Crystal, MN 55428